Compare Listings

Pay only if successful

No upfront fees or card information required. Pay at the end, only when a new tenant is found.

We take care of marketing

We advertise your property on Wafflat, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Rental Groups/Chats.

Your current tenant receives the viewings

Using our integrated viewings booking system.

How Wafflat works:

you and your current tenant register on Wafflat,

you send us the property details via email at [email protected],

we perform extensive marketing of your property,

your current tenant receives viewings through our platform,

a new tenant decides to rent your place,

we send them your preferred Tenancy Agreement that they can sign digitally.

After the new Tenancy Agreement is signed and you received the required deposit:

You’ll be required to pay a £60 fee (incl. VAT) through an online, secure payment link.

£40 will be transferred to your current tenant,

£20 will be transferred to us.

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