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How Wafflat works:

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3. You receive viewings via our integrated booking system.

4. Get £40 when a new tenant decides to rent the place.

Photography tips:

Before the photos

Open all the blinds in order to allow natural light in

Organise or put away objects/clothing that clutter the space

Remove any valuables you wouldn’t want to be photographed

Make your bed as if you were expecting a guest

Make sure the bathroom is tidy, the shower curtains are open and the toilet lid is closed

Taking the photos

Always work with natural light – sunlight makes everything look cozier

Convey the space – the best place to take photos is from the corners or from an angle that best can convey the space

Adjust your angles – Fill the photo with the room’s contents: if the objects are from floor to ceiling, try to shoot from chest height, but if the objects are lower, try to shoot from below the hip

All vertical lines should be vertical – remember to keep your camera steady, aligned with the verticals, like wall lines, table lines etc. (you can use photo grids to help you)